Access Control

Access control


A functional access control protocol ensures that only verified and eligible candidates are allowed into and free access within your premises. Our access control service includes the installation and configuration of

* Key less entry

* Entry and exit tracking

* Handicap sensor and assist

* Card access

*Strike locks

* Magnetic locks etc.

With us installing your access control, you can be sure of prime control using the latest technology in security control and incident reporting, and access network. We maintain old systems and can as well reconfigure or integrate legacy systems with current configurations.

Our approach is highly technical and it’s hinged on the overall objectives you hope to achieve in the short term and on the long term.

Take a stand for quality… Choose “LVNET”!

  • Trusted access, for the right people at the right times
  • Safe environments for employees, visitors and contractors
  • User convenience and workflow optimization through integrated, mobile solutions
  • Increased visibility, with real-time monitoring and cost-control functions
  • Investment protection via scalable, forward-looking solutions
  • Peace of mind, with expert, personalized concept-to-implementation support

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You can have total control over your system when you remove a person’s access abilities. This makes the system highly secure even when an employee resigns from your company.

The system is not just ideal for the front door or gate. You can have this reliable piece of technology fit onto any entrance.

An access system is far more secure than a key and lock. You can lose a key but you cannot lose your code or fingerprint. This is partly what makes these systems so fantastic for improving your overall security.