TV Installation and proyectors

do you want a projector? yeah we install


Any Brand, Any Size…projectors motorized screens  We’ve got you covered!

We Offer a range of TV installation and mounting services. Indoors or outdoors, our TV installation services includes:

  •  Unpacking of new TV from box.
  •  Installation and mounting of TV.
  •  Proper cabling and cable concealing services.
  •  Components connecting and configuration.
  •  Guide on use of new equipment.

Our professionalism and know-how across various wall types, and TV sizes makes a case for us as the right candidate for you.

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why others chose us;

Fast and Simple Service: Our TV mounting service is fast and simple. Within the hour of your making the order for our service, we will be at your house and in no time get you ready for your favorite show.

Do you want a Projector with a motorized screen? Yes, we also install it for you. 



Excellent Customer Service: This is the cornerstone of all our service offerings. In all we do, we strive to offer efficient and excellent service every time. We you choose us, we can get the TV mounted swiftly, All wires hidden from view and Clean up after our work; except for your newly mounted TV, there is often no sign that we have been at your house.

100% Quality Guarantee

We offer 100% quality guarantee on all parts and labor.