When you need to get your home or office online and covered by Wi-Fi, we are the guys to turn to. Extend your Wi-Fi signal to all corners of your home and or office with our enterprise AP (Access Point) solution.

Building a Smart home?

​A strong, interconnected network is the foundation of a connected home. To fully enjoy the benefits of a smart home, it is pertinent you turn to professionals with the right tools and technical expertise to get you working. “LVNET” can build your Wi-Fi and home network from the ground up to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Our Wi-Fi implementation and configuration services includes;

  •  Design and implementation of Wi-Fi architecture.
  •  Installation and configuration of wireless routers.
  • Configuration of routers and switches.
  •  Load balancing configuration and implementation.

Let the professionals help you handle the high-bandwidth traffic of your high-tech smart home, lets us get you up and running.

Why Choose Us


* ​Experience a state-of-the-art network with enterprise-grade solutions that prioritize your internet traffic so downloading a large file to your laptop won’t interfere with streaming the latest season of the show you are binge-watching!

* ​Superior technical expertise that guarantees that there are no blind spots. We are able to improve your Wi-Fi range by adding additional Wireless Access Points to cover a larger portion of your home and or implement solutions that can use the existing wiring already in the walls so no new wiring is necessary.

*Our service is quick, simple, and works!

* We have the capacity to execute small to large Wi-Fi coverage network for enterprise or personal use.

Bank on us to get you covered and stay connected today! Get Started