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Here are some interesting facts about NETWORKING.


  • Internet is controlled by 75 million servers. 
  • Backbone of internet is made by 550, 000 miles of underwater cable. 
  • About one billion computer systems are connected to internet. 
  • About 3.2 billion people use the internet from which 1.7 billion internet users are Asians. 
  • Internet consists of five billion computing devices such as computers, phones, modems, switches, routers etc.
  • According to Google, Internet consists of 5 million Terabytes of data.
 If the internet goes down for a day, approximately 200 billion emails and 3 billion Google search would have to wait.


We are your best bet when you seek to implement a credible network infrastructure in your home or office. With us you can be sure of a network that works with the highest industry standard up time. We take care of all your network data needs no matter the network architecture or nature.
Our data service works for both residential and commercial clients, and we are able to offer the best premium service you can find in the industry.
Our data service keeps you and your home connected. We can offer wireless and wired (low voltage and fiber optics) connection for your home and smart home configuration.
Never experience lost signals again! Choose us to implement your data network for your home. We are able to integrate legacy systems with the current technology to help you achieve a robust data implementation.
We are the experts at office data services provision. We boast a team consisting of professionals with the right pedigree and a combined experience implementing network data and architecture needs for organization across industries.
Our data service includes;
Low Voltage Cabling
We are the best providers of voice, data, fiber optics, infrastructure cabling and network service support. We are able implement low voltage cabling in new and already existing homes, apartment complexes or office for a complete finish of a smart home, entertainment, and networking implementation.
Our service is top of the range and is designed to give you maximum satisfaction.
Cabling Services includes the following;
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Cat 5, Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber Optic
  • Network Structured Cabling Network Infrastructure Design
  • Network Support
  • Cabling for smart home entertainment
  • Router Installation
  • Switch Installation
  • Racks & Cabinets
  • Patch Panels & Connectivity
  • Multi Room and Multi Site Network Installation
  • All UL listed low voltage wire and cable, Plenum/Riser, Shielded/Unshielded, Stranded, etc
We are also available to handle all queries, inquiries and or concerns. Feel free to speak with us today… we are waiting!


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