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Do you need Audio?
Make your home feel like the movie theater with our premium integrated surround sound configuration. Our integrated sound services utilizes smart control centers like SONOS, Control4 and Alexa to give the desired sound and configuration for maximum satisfaction.
Music in Every Room
Plug a tune throughout your home or apartment or set a different mood in every room​… We give you the power to choose!
​Our integrated sound system connects wirelessly to your smart home control center so that choosing and controlling your music is no more than a touch away. Your system can sync up the playlist in each room or play different hits across your home. The options are truly limitless.

Unlimited Streams

Stay connected to your preferred streaming services including; Spotify, Apple Music, Tune In and many more. Whatever service you subscribe to, be rest assured that your music would always be at your fingertips.
​Outdoor Service
Want to make loud outdoors? Then we are your partners in crime! We are able to install and configure integrated sound systems for outdoor with hidden speakers and woofers. Make your garden come alive with the best in sound quality and delivery. We also able install outside speakers, rock speakers, pending speakers etc. for outdoor environments and use.
We have the best hands and technical expertise to achieve anything you might want to achieve. Speak to us today, we are waiting to hear from you on how best we can help you achieve your dream sound.

Here are some interesting facts Sound.

  • Horror movie soundtracks sometimes include infra sound, which is sound below the range of human hearing. Even though we can’t hear it, we can still feel it and infra sound has been shown to induce anxiety, heart palpitations, and shivering.
  • The 1883 eruption on Krakatoa produced the loudest sound ever recorded. It reverberated around the globe 7 times before diminishing. It could be heard 4,000 miles (ca. 6,437 kilometers) away, and people within 100 miles (ca. 161 km) had permanent hearing loss.
  • The sound that Nintendo’s Yoshi makes is the sound of a record scratch being played backwards.

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